Does Taking A Shower Take Away Your High

It is a common misconception that taking a shower will immediately sober someone who is intoxicated. However, this is not the case. Although the person may feel more awake and refreshed after a shower, the alcohol or drugs will still be in their system and they will not be any less intoxicated.

What Happens If You Take A Shower While You Are High?

It’s not uncommon for people to enjoy a nice hot shower while they are under the influence of marijuana. However, there are some risks associated with this activity. For instance, if you take a shower while you are high, you may become disoriented and lose your balance. This could lead to you slipping and injuring yourself. Additionally, the hot water can cause you to feel dizzy and nauseous. If you are pregnant, taking a shower while high could also be dangerous for your unborn child. It’s important to be safe and consider these risks before you take a shower while you are high.

Cold Shower Vs. A Warm Shower While You are Stoned

There are a few things to consider when determining whether a cold shower or a warm shower is best while you are stoned.

  • The first is the reason you are taking the shower. A cold shower is probably your best bet if you are trying to sober up. The cold water will help wake you up and alert you. A warm shower is probably your best bet if you are trying to relax. The warm water will help to relax your muscles and make you feel more relaxed.
  • Another thing to consider is how your body responds to different temperatures. Some people find that cold water makes them more alert, while others find that warm water makes them more relaxed. You must experiment a bit to see what works best for you. If you find that cold water makes you more alert, you may want to take a cold shower before you smoke. If you find that warm water makes you more relaxed, you may want to take a warm shower after you smoke.
  • Finally, you should also consider the temperature outside. A warm shower may be best for you if it is cold outside. If it is hot outside, then a cold shower may be the best option for you. Again, you must experiment to see what works best for you.
  • Cold showers are generally best for sobering up and hot showers are best for relaxing.

However, everyone is different and you must experiment to see what works best for you.

What About Showering After Edibles?

When it comes to showering after consuming edibles, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some people find that showering helps to intensify their high, while others find that it takes away from the experience. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment and see what works best for them.

There are a few things to remember if you decide to shower after consuming edibles. First, ensure the water is not too hot, which can cause anxiety and make the high more intense. Second, take your time and enjoy the experience – don’t try to rush through it. And finally, be sure to hydrate afterward, as edibles can cause dehydration.

So, there you have everything you need to know about showering after consuming edibles. Now get out there and experiment!

Other Effective Techniques To Kill Your High Quickly

When you’re trying to sober up quickly, a few effective techniques can help you. If you’re feeling too high, taking a cold shower can help to bring you down. Drinking lots of water and eating something can also help to sober you up. If you still feel high, try lying down and focusing on your breath. Other effective ways to kill your high are –

  • Eat lemon and black pepper: Chewing on some lemon or black pepper is a very good option for anyone with high.
  • Breathing exercise:  Breathing exercise is another option that can feel you better. It helps to feel good and relax your mind.
  • Dirking water: Sometimes, dirking water can take your mind off the anxiety.


The jury is still out on whether or not taking a shower will take away your high. Some people believe that the shower will help to wash away the active cannabinoids from your skin, while others believe that the hot water will help to activate the cannabinoids and make you feel even higher. There is no definitive answer at this point, and the effects will likely vary from person to person. If you want to avoid any potential negative side effects, it may be best to avoid taking a shower immediately after smoking marijuana.

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